04 July 2020

10. Water, water everywhere!

Here it is Independence Day and not much is happening on the Ozark and Green Mountain. The embossed brick sheeting arrived but I didn't care for it. Hard to explain, just didn't appeal to me. I finally decided to go with printed photo paper using samples of red brick buildings I found around town and had photographed. I downloaded some photos of cinder block walls from the internet and printed them for the interior walls. This is what the two side walls of the roundhouse walls look like - interior view of one wall and exterior view of the other. Windows are currently just lying in place. Now I have to finish the 5 rear walls and 3 front walls.

As to the construction of the layout, that's been put on hold for some basement repair work. Remember that EASY fix to the water leak? It might have been an easy and cheap fix - if it had worked. It didn't! After having the situation examined by 3 different foundation repair companies this past week, major work to the tune of $10K is required and I have to remove the firring strips and insulation on part of one wall so the repairs can be made. Two options were proposed - repair from exterior with no guarantee or repair from the inside with a lifetime guarantee. Since this type of work is very common in this part of the state, it will be August before the work can be done. The front wall of the basement on the opposite side of the house is leaning inward 2.25 inches and has to be anchored in place and the leaks repaired. Sump pumps will be installed in both areas of the basement floor. Repairing from the interior doesn't prevent water from coming inside, it just diverts the water to a holding tank where it is then pumped to the outside of the house. I may be able to start on some benchwork on the wall furthest from where the leak is and work around to that point. Time will tell. Until next time . . . keep your hand on the throttle and your eyes on the rail.