16 May 2020

9. Still quarantined, but making progress

Well, here we are in mid May with some quarantine rules lifted but the economy is still tanked. Some restaurants are open for limited seating and hopefully more will follow. Among honey-dos and outdoor projects, I have made some progress on the roundhouse. The front and rear walls are complete. A dry run was done to see how all the walls fit together as a unit with the floor and roof support assemblies.

Next was to add some locomotives in the stalls to get an idea of how much room I will have for interior details. I added two Big Boys and a Challenger since they are the largest I have.

I'm still waiting on the embossed brick sheets to arrive. They're suppose to be here by the 25th - that's 9 days. I won't make any more progress until I decide what type of brick finish I'm going to use. So until then . . . keep your hand on the throttle and your eyes on the rail.

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